Carry over from CSEP/ESEP to Level B

All holders of a valid CSEP or ESEP certificate* with longer professional experience can have the SEP certificate rewritten to LEVEL B of the SE-ZERT® program until November 2023.

Since many CSEP or even ESEP holders could not make a choice between the SEP and SE-ZERT approach 10 years ago, but some requests were submitted to the SE-ZERT office, there is a limited offer until November 2023. Some enquirers would also like to take the Level A exam after the rewrite, which requires a valid level B. Basically, interested parties need to recognize the SE-ZERT requirements with all modules and the renewal requirements.

For a carry over every applicant needs:

  • A valid CSEP or ESEP certificate from October 2022 retroactively.
  • Evidence of training for module 9 (conflict management or communication).
  • Acknowledgement of the rights to use the seal, which can be used in mails etc

The validity is taken over by the CSEP and thus run synchronously with the SEP of INCOSE. For the ESEP, the date of application applies and must be renewed after 3 years for B level at SE-TREC.

The cost of the application for the level is 125 Euros plus VAT.

The application (GfSE_ZF_018_01_Application_SEPtoLevelB) can be downloaded in the "download area". The other referenced documents can be viewed in the ZIP file ("Information on Level B").

*ESEP holders can apply if they previously held a CSEP certificate.