Online exams become the standard

Munich - 05 February 2021 - The SE-ZERT® assessors decided at the GfSE workshop that the examinations should be web-based in the medium term and replace the paper examinations. Regardless of the pandemic, face-to-face examinations with an examiner on site should also take place on a computer. This will simplify the entire process of preparing, conducting and correcting exams in a national and international context. In addition to the face-to-face examination, it will still be possible to conduct the examinations via online proctoring. The changeover will take place in several steps and up-to-date information can be requested at the examination registration desk.

Online trainings and tests extended until end of May 2021

Munich - 10 November 2020 - The possibility for online training has been extended for training providers until the end of May 2021. This also applies to the online exam for applicants, too.

New exam regulations available for download

Munich – 14 August 2020 – The permission for trainers to provide the online training is extended until end of 2020. This is valid for the proctoring exam, too.

Online trainings extended until end of 2020

Munich – 14 August 2020 – The permission for trainers to provide the online training is extended until end of 2020. This is valid for the proctoring exam, too.

Special conditions for certificate renewal

Munich – 27. July 2020 – All owner of a valid certificate and persons who received a certificate in 2020 receive a special condition for the renewal period. The certificates are either valid for 3 or 5 years and it is mandatory to collect 120 PDU during this period for renewal. These PDUs can be collected while attending conferences, events, providing paper etc with the aim to stay informed and be “state-of-the-art” for systems engineering.  

Due to the current situation the events are cut or canceled, and the remaining source are online seminars. This is considered and covered in a new version of the renewable guideline and table adding a new paragraph “special conditions”. This category governs Force Majeure, caused by pandemics, war, etc. The SE-ZERT® Board decides each entry individually.

Following PDUs can be added once under the keyword Corona 2020 for the year 2020:

  • Level A / B 30 PDUs
  • Level C / D 14 PDUs

The limit for the renewal period corresponds to the annual PDUs 2020. The needed PDU of 120 are unaffected and stay valid. Still 30 PDUs can be transferred to the next period in case of exceeding the 120 PDU during the renewal period. An email will be send to all persons incl. the new guideline version and renewable table. In case of further questions contact the GfSE office.

Certification test will be online

Munich – 10. June 2020 – After intensive search and evaluation of proctoring tools as decision was made. In addition to the local presence test, which are currently limited or not allowed, a online exam is offered for candidates. The exam can be done from home or the office while a procter is monitoring the candidate. Pre-requisites are a stable internet connection, a smart phone with a camera, a web camera and a browser. Prior to the exam a test will be done. During the exam, the smart phone camera and the web camera will support the procter to monitor the test.

Training sessions can be online

Munich – 19. March 2020 – Due to the current situation and regulations a permission for online trainings is given to the training providers. This is limited until end of August 2020. An evaluation for a proctoring tool to perform online exam is running in parallel.

University of Landshut applies as a trainer for the SE-ZERT® program

Munich – 10 July 2018 – The master program of Systems Engineering at the Faculty of Informatics in Landshut is the first academic organization which receives the accreditation for the SE-ZERT®. This additional accreditation foster that the University complies with the Systems Engineering content and depth with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Prof. Dr. Matthias Dorfner as the responsible person for the accreditation process and focal point to the SE-ZERT organization is happy that the qualification process was running so smooth and is finished before the winter semester starts. The students within the Systems Engineering master can register for the certification test for the „Certified Systems Engineer - Level C“. Passing the master courses at the university at Landshut is comparable with the training educational program for Level C at other qualified commercial training providers. This high educational personal certification underlines the quality of the master program and eases for the students the entry into work.